Обложка книги Water Conservation (Environmental Action)

Water Conservation (Environmental Action)

ISBN: 0201495392;
Издательство: Dale Seymour Publications

Environmental ACTION (Analyze/Consider options/Take action/In/Our/Neighborhoods) answers the need for materials that emphasize personal responsibility and positive action in conservation efforts and other real-world problems. Give students the chance to discover the world around them as they tackle environmental problems, explore issues, and examine the real-life implications of what they learn in the classroom. Presenting a fun, comprehensive approach to environmental science, this series places the emphasis on being personally responsible for the environment as students explore and learn at school, in their own backyards, and in the community. The program consists of six module sets, which provide training in issue investigation, decision-making, and action skills. School, home, and community become the laboratories for exploration and discovery. Modules can function alone or be grouped. The content is sequenced to help teachers promote awareness of current environmental issues...

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