Обложка книги Mold and Real Estate : A Handbook for Buyers & Sellers

Mold and Real Estate : A Handbook for Buyers & Sellers

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ISBN: 0324224737;
Издательство: South-Western

Book Description Mold is one of the most common and least understood of all living creatures. Yet, mold is involved in a number of highly publicized court cases involving real estate. How on earth is it possible for such a simple and common creature tobe the cause of so much upheaval in the extremely complex business of real estate? Media reports of court cases involving mold and real estate are filled with references to the large settlements collected by plaintiffs. How these cases were made and what the actual findings were are more complex than they appear. In this book, Streater includes cases that illustrate the major findings of district and state courts. The variety of state statutes governing mold disclosures by real estate licensees is also examined. Mold and Real Estate is not intended to make you an expert in either mold or real estate. It will simply give you a general but factual knowledge of mold?s impact on real estate. After reading this book you will learn...

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