Обложка книги New York Tenants' Rights

New York Tenants' Rights

ISBN: 0873378210;
Издательство: NOLO

Book DescriptionStories about the New York rental market are legendary, but New York tenants know that tales of dishonest real estate agents, rent-gouging landlords and rodent-infested housing can be all too true. Where can you turn for help? Writtenby an experienced New York landlord-tenant attorney, New York Tenants' Rights provides the answers to rental problems in one comprehensive book. The book guides you through legal quagmires and solutions as you encounter them, step by step. You'll find plain-English solutions to problems involving: *signing a lease or rental agreement *repairs and services *discrimination, harassment or retaliation *privacy invasions *problem roommates *noisy neighbors *subletting your place *mold and lead paint hazards *ending your lease *getting your security deposit returned *terminations, rent defaults and evictions *and much more New York Tenants' Rights covers the extensive rules and regulations...

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