Обложка книги Safe & Sound: How to Buy a Safe, Private, Quiet Home

Safe & Sound: How to Buy a Safe, Private, Quiet Home

ISBN: 0595278477;
Издательство: iUniverse

Book DescriptionThe world today is a complex place, and quality of lifeA?yours and your familyA?sA?is more important than ever. The chance of getting saddled with pitfalls has never been greater. Congestion, crime, greed, immorality, and indecency top the list of ills that exist in far too many locales in this country. Overwhelming bureaucracy, unseen loopholes, and outright deceit are valid concerns in any real estate transaction. You simply can't afford to buy a home blindly. To avoid the pitfalls that plague far too many places, you need to arm yourself with as much information as possible. Safe & SoundA?How to Buy A Safe, Private, Quiet Home is designed to do just that. Written by a veteran law enforcement officer, Safe & Sound is chock full of vital home buying information that doesnA?t exist elsewhere. In four vital categoriesA? security, road and traffic safety, nuisances, and catastrophe precautions ...

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