Обложка книги The Illustrated Book of Housebuilding and Carpentry

The Illustrated Book of Housebuilding and Carpentry

ISBN: 0879516518;
Издательство: Overlook TP
Страниц: 334

Book DescriptionWith a combined total of over 100,000 copies in print since their separate editions were first published, Graham Blackburn's Illustrated Housebuilding and Illustrated Interior Carpentry are the undisputed classic guides for the average person doing interior or exterior home carpentry. Armed with this new two-in-one volume, anyone can tackle such jobs as the construction and installation of doors, the laying down of floors, the construction of plaster walls, and even build an entire house,economically, speedily, and sturdily. In addition, Blackburn also discusses tools, materials, decorative moldings, stairs, and handrails. With more than 600 illustrations, a bibliography, index, and easy-to-follow text, this how-to reference provides sound and encouraging instructions for all at home carpenters.

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