Обложка книги Buyers are Liars & Sellers are Too!

Buyers are Liars & Sellers are Too!

ISBN: 0976160900;
Издательство: Lucy in the Sky Publishing

Book DescriptionWhether you?re a seasoned Realtor® or a first-time homebuyer or seller, this lighthearted guidebook is certain to inform and entertain you! Buyers are Liars & Sellers are Too! is a delightfully informative book that will putanyone who?s buying or selling a home at ease about the whole, crazy process. After a quick romp through this fun-filled collection of anecdotes, hints and sound advice, sellers will be prepared to realize better gains from the sale of their homes, and buyers will have discovered ways to save on their purchases. Buyers and sellers alike will learn how to work with their own real estate agents, as well as those of their counterparts. Along the way, you?ll meet the Greedledees, the Greedledums, and the Ogres of Fizzboland. All this, while being serenaded by Budding Hollies and the Crickets. Arm yourself with Buyers are Liars & Sellers are Too today!

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