Обложка книги Single and Multi–Carrier DS–CDMA

Single and Multi–Carrier DS–CDMA

ISBN: 9780470863114;

Since the standardisation of 3G systems significant advances have been made in the field of CDMA systems. The next generation of wireless systems is expected to support a wide variety of multirate services, while achieving an increased spectral efficiency, a high bit rate and satisfying a range of many other demanding specifications. This all–in–one volume reports on the entire body of recent advances in both single– and multi–carrier DS–CDMA as follows: Presents a future–proof system design framework providing backwards compatibility with legacy systems Features multiuser detection and interference cancellation, spanning the range of classic and avant–garde CDMA solutions, including genetic algorithm aided systems for blind data and channel estimation Covers burst–by–burst adaptive CDMA and blind per–survivor aided CDMA Details the entire body of joint coding and modulation aided CDMA, as well as adaptive space–time...

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