Обложка книги Buy the Beach: How to Make Millions in Malibu Real Estate

Buy the Beach: How to Make Millions in Malibu Real Estate

ISBN: 0976862107;
Издательство: Buy the Beach, Inc.

Book DescriptionMalibu 90265. Billionaire's Beach. The Bu. Malibu's beachfront may have many names, but one thing is certain-its glamorous image and star-studded residents make a big splash around the globe. In this book, Beachfront Real Estate Agent Katie Bentzen takes readers into the exclusive world that winds along 27 miles of Pacific Coast Highway. Learn how Hollywood celebrities, royalty, and the super-rich invest in Malibu's beachfront and make millions in the process. From exclusive Carbon Beach to surprisingly affordable Las Tunas, discover: *Where to buy along Malibu's almost 20 beaches *How the right agent can make millions *The pros and cons of small and large brokerages *How to separate hype from reality when hiring an agent *Secrets to successful leases *Pitfalls to avoid when buying or selling Filled with stories of high-maintenance Hollywood stars and real estate agent intrigue, BUY THE BEACH: HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS IN MALIBU REAL ESTATE is your complete guide to...

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