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Diane G. Armstrong Ph.D.

The Retirement Nightmare: How to Save Yourself from Your Heirs and Protectors : Involuntary Conservatorships and Guardianships (Golden Age Series)

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ISBN: 1573927961
Издательство: Prometheus Books
After working hard to build your nest egg, you are finally making plans for your retirement years. But will you be free to make your own choices when those golden years finally arrive? Or will you fall victim to ruinously expensive involuntary conservatorship/guardianship proceedings and be stripped of your rights, your money, your independence -- for the rest of your life? In an onimous trend that threatens America's successfully aging population, state judges are imposing an increasing number of unwanted conservators and guardians upon allegedly incompetent men and women to manage their property and personal affairs. The results are grim. In New York alone, judges appointed over 32,000 guardianships during 1997, up from 15,000 in 1992, and Michigan's guardianship petitions have more than quadrupled since 1981. These little-known state laws were originally created to safeguard the rights of "infants and lunatics." Today, involuntary conservatorship and guardianship laws...