Обложка книги Applied Crime Analysis

Applied Crime Analysis

ISBN: 0750672951; 9780750672955;
Издательство: Butterworth-Heinemann
Страниц: 144

Applied Crime Analysis covers all aspects of crime analysis for private sector businesses including examining the frequency of crimes, the nature of these crimes, the day and time of the incident, the risk to a property and its inhabitants, and the objective analysis of preventative security measures in place. Applied Crime Analysis compares data sources used in conducting crime analysis and explores ways to organize statistical data, crime analysis methodologies, crime prevention theories, and methods of determining patterns and trends. By explaining the significance of crime statistics relative to crime prevention theory and techniques, the book provides readers with a clear, strategic plan to implement crime prevention programs and security resources. Discusses crime analysis techniques and theories in detail. Covers all aspects of crime analysis for private sector businesses. Uses fictional case studies found throughout chapters that help readers apply...