Обложка книги Corporations Step-By-Step (Legal-Ease Series)

Corporations Step-By-Step (Legal-Ease Series)

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ISBN: 0764121871;
Издательство: Barron's Educational Series
Страниц: 320

This book is a hands-on manual that guides business owners through the legal and practical details of forming and operating a corporation. Among the most important topics explained in depth are methods of financing a corporation, setting up management structure, recognizing the rights and privileges of shareholders, paying dividends, carrying out stock splits and repurchases, keeping accounting records, and filing corporate taxes. Appendixes include blank forms that can be photocopied and used for setting up and maintaining a corporation. Barron's "Legal Ease" books guide users through business details that are often put in the hands of lawyers, but which can be dealt with by practical men and women who have no formal legal training. "Legal-Ease" titles present advice and instruction from accredited legal and business experts, and serve as reliable guides for owners of small-to-mid-sized business firms and private individuals. They also make good supplementary texts for business...

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