Обложка книги Patenting Art & Entertainment

Patenting Art & Entertainment


ISBN: 1413300324;
Издательство: Nolo Press

Many legal experts argue that copyright law is dying, that artists and entertainers need a new approach to intellectual property protection. Patenting Art & Entertainment provides an answer. This book shows that patent law can protect the methods andprocesses used to create art and entertainment -- as well as the design and appearance of products. Included are examples in the fields of: *painting *graphic art *music *architecture *film *furniture design *and much more Co-authored by Gregory Aharonian and Richard Stim, the book shows how to: *document the creation of your art and entertainment inventions *apply for and obtain a design patent *get a utility patent *do a patent search Patenting Art & Entertainment provides in-depth (but concise) information of all aspects of this cutting-edge method. It covers how the creation of arts and entertainment became formal sciences, the limitations of copyrights, how the U.S. Patent and...