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This book provides a clear and stimulating introduction to bioethics. It is also a comprehensive and illuminating study of some of the most important themes of our times. From the more familiar debates on euthanasia, living wills and new reproductive technologies such as IVF, Holland guides the reader through the philosophical implications of recent developments in genetics such as prenatal genetic therapy, genetic enhancement and human cloning. The book is built around four important themes. First, the nature of moral status: do human embryos have moral status? Do animals? What are the implications for bioethics of the moral status of such creatures? The second theme – life, death and killing – looks at the ethics of ending human life, or of failing to lengthen it as long as possible. Holland then explores the question of personal identity as it connects with contemporary bioethical problems. Finally, he presents and develops a version of the argument from nature – which continues to...

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