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Alan Reynolds

The Microsoft Antitrust Appeal: Judge Jackson's "Findings of Fact" Revisited

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ISBN: 1558131302
Издательство: Hudson Institute
A judge's legal ruling can be a complex interaction between facts and laws. However, if a judge bases his ruling on erroneous technological theories, speculation, and forecasts, the final decision will be a wasteland of legal mumbo-jumbo, incomprehensible to both lawyers and critics. This is what happened when Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson decided the Microsoft antitrust case, ordering the division of the software giant into two separate companies. In a major new study of the Microsoft antitrust case, Hudson Institute economist Alan Reynolds examines, point for point, every Finding of Fact on which Judge Jackson based his conclusions. He critiques the accuracy, consistency, and relevance of nearly all of the judge's 412 Facts, finding that half of the facts went unmentioned in the judge's legal conclusions. This leads Reynolds to the verdict that the case is "literally baseless." The book also provides detailed reporting of key meetings and memos from Microsoft, Netscape, and...