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Danny C. Reinke, Lucy Swartz, Lucinda Low Swartz

The Nepa Reference Guide

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ISBN: 1574770683
Издательство: Battelle Press
The NEPA Reference Guide conveniently organizes and indexes the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations and guidance, along with relevant federal case law, all in one place. Practitioners will use this as a reference tool to quickly learn the statutory, regulatory, and case law authority for a large number of NEPA subjects. A unique feature of The NEPA Reference Guide, is it detailed index that includes a large number of diverse NEPA subjects. The index enables users to find and compile any statutory, regulatory (including CEQ guidance), and case law original source material and references on virtually any NEPA subject. This will be an especially useful tool for new NEPA practitioners who need to become immersed in a particular subject quickly.