Обложка книги The Rise of Global Delivery Services

The Rise of Global Delivery Services


ISBN: 0971186405;
Издательство: JCampbell Press

An account of how courier and express companies used legislative advocacy, litigation, public relations, public affairs, and scholastic appeal to encourage regulatory reforms in the United States, Europe, and intergovernmental organizations during the last quarter of the twentieth century, opening the way for development of global delivery services integrating both private carriers and leading public post offices. An introductory chapter provides a brief account of the evolution of international deliveryservices. Nine public policy debates are described in detail: U.S. postal monopoly and couriers, international excess baggage rights, U.S. customs restrictions, European postal monopolies, international customs reform, international remail, European postal reform, U.S. postal reform, and reform of the Universal Postal Union. In each public policy discussion, the book summarizes the course of events to early 2001 and reproduces major policy presentations from the period.