Обложка книги Government Procurement in the WTO (Studies in Transnational Economic Law)

Government Procurement in the WTO (Studies in Transnational Economic Law)

ISBN: 9041198849;
Издательство: Springer

Book DescriptionIn the World Trade Organization regime, government procurement is largely excluded from the multilateral agreements. The "plurilateral" WTO Agreement on Government Procurement, with its challenging accession procedures and limited number of signatories, cannot be said to succeed in its efforts to liberalize this area of trade activity--more than 10% of gross domestic product in most countries. This insightful and thoroughly researched study investigates the special sensitivities of government procurement that have left major trade barriers intact despite the WTO mandate that has proven so effective in other areas. Professor Arrowsmith examines the following crucial factors in depth: + why and how procurement practices create barriers to trade; + the institutional structure for dealing with government procurement in the GATT/WTO system; + the impact of relevant WTO law on national legal systems; + the types of contracts and entities covered in the Agreement...

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