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Margaret E. J. Boderick

Passion v. Arrogance: A Dana & Goliath Story of Wine, Women and Wrong!

Обложка книги Passion v. Arrogance: A Dana & Goliath Story of Wine, Women and Wrong!

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ISBN: 0976259761
Издательство: Passion Power Press, Inc
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 256
Recounts the compelling story of a small Midwestern, women owned winery, their impressive start and international growth, the difficult business decision to close and the results from the business world. The story captures the excitement,commitment and the dream that all entrepreneurs possess when they start. The tale continues with changes in relationships, economic times and how the government?s involvement with a financial institution?s operation causes a rippling effect of disastrous actions. Once the owners and management enter into the legal system to protect what they created, one improbable event after another leads to the dismantling of the entrepreneurs life?s dream. The author lives the story, and in straightforward and candid words, discusses the mistakes, struggles and ultimate belief in the leadership and management allowing them to continue the battle. Learn from this emotional, two year struggle of woman versus man, right versus wrong and...
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