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Mark Warda

The Complete Limited Liability Company Kit (+ Cd-Rom) (Complete Limited Liability Company Kit)

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ISBN: 1572484985
Издательство: Sourcebooks
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 269
Book DescriptionThis new version discusses the new tax advantages of forming a limited liability company. It helps the reader to develop and document important legal, tax and business decisions to create a paper trail that can avoid dispute. In addition,more and more states are allowing single-member limited liability companies. Besides protecting assets from business debts, the LLC can protect business and family assets from personal liabilities. With so many people ready to sue for any reason or for no reason, the limited liability company is one of the few inexpensive protections left. Changes in federal LLC regulations as of January 2001 are addressed and explained. This new edition contains updated and revised, state-by-state statutes and blank, tear-out forms for easy use.