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Alfred Hitchcock

ISBN: 9780470869727;

In a career that spanned six decades and more than sixty fiulms, Alfred Hitchcock was the dominant figure in the first century of cinema. His films – from The 39 Steps to The Birds , from Rear Window to Vertigo , from Notorious to Psycho – set new standards for cinematic invention and storytelling elan. He was both visionary artist and consummate entertainer ... and became the most widely recognized director who ever lived. In the decades since his death, the public image of Hitchcock has crystallized into a series of iconic images: the macabre Englishman, the sexual obsessive, the Master of Suspense. But this remarkable new biography – the first in a quarter–century – draws on prodigious new research to restore Hitchcock the man, in all his three–dimensional glory. Here is the comprehensive film craftsman, forever pushing forward the boundaries of his art. Here is the passionate collaborator, who cheekily referred to actors as...

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In a career that spanned six decades and more than sixt…
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