Обложка книги Changing Kids' Games

Changing Kids' Games


ISBN: 0880116919;
Издательство: Human Kinetics Publishers

The first edition of Changing Kids? Games broke new ground-it changed attitudes about physical education by showing teachers how to modify games to suit all children?s developmental needs. Kids love it. Teachers know it works. Now, the new edition of this cutting-edge guide keeps its basic approach while providing updated content to meet the needs of today?s physical education classes. This expertly illustrated, easy-to-follow book helps you select, plan, modify, present, and evaluatemovement games to fit your purposes, values, teaching styles, and resources. But most important, it helps you meet the needs, abilities, and interests of your players-especially children ages 5-13. This valuable resource presents a wealth of games, all of which use movement as either the primary ingredient or motivator. The book shows you how to ? recognize when it would be useful to modify a game, ? customize any game to suit any group or kid in almost any...