Обложка книги Cornerstone: Building on Your Best

Cornerstone: Building on Your Best

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ISBN: 013098390X;
Издательство: Pearson Education

Decidedly result-oriented and based firmly on the principles of choice, change, and goal setting, the Concise Edition of the popular Cornerstone: Building On Your Best is designed to help unprepared first-year students become more academically prepared and to help all first-year students adjust to college life. Boldly focused on causing change, it immerses students hands-on in material and activities that enable them to see moreclearly the possibilities the future holds, to anticipate and cope with the many new situations they will face, and to empower them to make responsible choices in college and in life. It shows, rather than tells?its real-life vignettes and self-reflective exercises both engage students and help them look at themselves and their lives through different eyes. The text promotes student growth, change, and responsible decision-making?whether the student is looking at his/her own...