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Van B. Weigel

Deep Learning for a Digital Age: Technology's Untapped Potential to Enrich Higher Education

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ISBN: 0787956139, 9780787956134
Издательство: Jossey-Bass
Год издания: 2001
Страниц: 192
In this timely book, Weigel presents an innovative and effective framework for e-learning in higher education that can be woven into the fabric of classroom-based education to better cultivate connection and collaboration between students and educators.Written for presidents, deans, trustees, faculty, and distance education providers, this book outlines a dynamic new approach to distance learning and shows that the ability to manage knowledge, rather than just accumulate it, should be the chief priority of higher education in a technological world. The author decries the use of distance education to simply expand enrollments and demonstrates how effective education can connect knowledge across fields and age levels rather than segmenting it. He also shows how the rich resources of the Internet can be plumbed creatively to add depth and meaning to the college curriculum and to immerse learners, whether in the classroom or at a distance, in a continuum of knowledge and experience.