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Elizabeth Atkinson, Jerome Satterthwaite, Ken Gale

Discourse, Power and Resistance: Challenging the Rhetoric of Contemporary Education

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ISBN: 1858562996
Издательство: Trentham Books
This book is a call to educators to recognize and resist the rhetoric around education and to question the practices that are controlling education all over the world, reducing it to little more than skills development in preparation for work. DavidHursh of University of Rochester, New York argues that testing and accountability have fostered the decline of teacher professionalism and local control, thus achieving compliance and making contestation all but impossible. Helen Colley of Leeds University, England questions the generally venerated strategy of mentoring to show how its dynamic requires docility from the learner and thus perpetuates inequality. These are but two of the dozen or so academics who have come together to challenge the prevailing academic discourse. In Part Two of the book, they suggest ways in which to provoke and enable students to critique the system. "Discourse, Power and Learning" is for students, teachers, trainers, lecturers and researchers....
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