Обложка книги Dynamic Social Studies for Elementary Classrooms (7th Edition)

Dynamic Social Studies for Elementary Classrooms (7th Edition)

ISBN: 0130488453;
Издательство: Pearson Education

This major revision of a very popular book asks future teachers to look upon their pupils as ?young social scientists??and to engage their natural spirit of wonder by using subject matter to teach problem solving, critical thinking, and the skills of real-world inquiry. The book's sound research base informs without overwhelming; its wealth of examples and strategies never become just a ?cookbook.? And, because no single instructional method can achieve all of thegoals of elementary social studies curricula, this book proposes that it is good teaching?teaching that is flexible and varied?that will assist young ?political scientists, historians, and geographers? to become informed, rational, and responsive citizens. Themed units encompass general instructional considerations and planning for instruction, and organize coverage as it ?happens? in the classroom?taking future teachers from general concepts to...

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