Обложка книги Effective Study Skills: Maximizing Your Academic Potential

Effective Study Skills: Maximizing Your Academic Potential

ISBN: 0130950610;
Издательство: Pearson Education

This book focuses on a broad range of effective study strategies that can help readers learn to their maximum potential. It emphasizes that a one must know what to do when confronting problems with comprehension, memory, concentration, test preparation,or any other type of information processing, and ? acknowledging that specific strategies for developing such skills will differ according to each person's individual learning style and training ? it offers presentations and activities in many different modalities. Features a comprehensive, yet informal, learning styles inventory covering the various modalities and such learning preferences as study environment, organizational preferences, and peak periods of concentration. Offers complete coverage of critical reading and analytical thinking strategies. Explores the full range of skills needed for studying, processing text and lecture material, recalling the material, and...

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