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Raymond L. Calabrese, Calabrese

Leadership through Excellence: Professional Growth for School Leaders

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ISBN: 0205306136
Издательство: Pearson Allyn & Bacon
At a time when the demand for competence is rapidly increasing, administrators need to be able to lead their schools to academic success. This new guide shows how! Learn to become the kind of competent educational leader who's alwaysin demand. You see how to acquire what it takes to solve problems, inspire staff and students, and empower others for success. Within the pages of this guide are the means to developing a personal professional growth plan that really works. You get a systematic way to gauge your current level of competence, a process to follow to become more competent, and a formula for professional advancement. Through each and every chapter you are guided into a deeper understanding of the meaningof competence -- you learn assessments to help you more fully understand your personal competence level -- and you're armed with strategies, tactics, and prescriptions to elevate your competence level. Whether your want to develop your...
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