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John A. Kline

Listening Effectively: Achieving High Standards in Communication (NetEffect Series)

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ISBN: 0130488410
Издательство: Prentice Hall
Short, lively, and easy to read this practical, listener-centered handbook was written by an experienced communicator who has taught thousands of corporate managers, military officers, and college students how to become better listeners. Using practical examples from classroom, corporate, and family/counseling settings, it teaches theoretically- based and acknowledged techniques?thoughts, attitudes, and skills?necessary for becoming a better listener. The variety of interesting, engaging, interactive, and sometimes humorous, examples and exercises keep readers involved through learning-by-doing. The universal need for better listening in all situations; 6 fallacies about listening; 9 bad listening habits; the process of listening; 5 types of listening (informative, relational, appreciative, critical, and discriminative); and 18 instructions for Listening. For corporate trainers, and for others interested in improving personal listening skills.
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