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Susan Halden-Brown

Mistakes Worth Making: How to Turn Sports Errors into Athletic Excellence

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ISBN: 0736041710
Издательство: Human Kinetics Publishers
Missing the outside jumper that could have tied the game dropping the pop fly losing possession of the ball In today?s competitive sport you can?t afford mistakes like these, or can you? When every move counts, mistakes can be devastating. But how you deal with mistakes, both during competition and after, can be the real obstacle to success. With Mistakes Worth Making you can learn how to turn mistakes from obstacles into catalysts for better performance. Mistakes WorthMaking shows you how constructive analysis of your sport mistakes can · increase your mental toughness and improve your concentration and confidence, · keep your emotions in check and your focus on the game, · define your strengths and improve your weak areas, · offer clues to more effective strategies and skill execution, and · help you gain a more resilient approach to your quest for excellence. You?ll enjoy author Sue...
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