Обложка книги NOT!  The Same Old Activities For Early Childhood

NOT! The Same Old Activities For Early Childhood

ISBN: 0766800105;
Издательство: Delmar Thomson Learning

This new multi-cultural, anti-bias text offers a refreshing approach to combining science, math, social studies, music and art with whole language for children aged 3-6. Child-initiated, hands-on activities encourage children to explore which stimulates them to spontaneously use all parts of language-speaking, listening, reading and writing. Early childhood educators can use these whole language experiences to lay a foundation for children to build on when they later focus on separate parts of language growth. Features: -offers multi-cultural, anti-bias representation -each unit begins with an "Attention Getter" to stimulate interest -clear, concise directions and complete materials lists make this book easy-to-use -activities selected are from across the curriculum