Обложка книги Pe-4-Me: Teaching Lifelong Health and Fitness

Pe-4-Me: Teaching Lifelong Health and Fitness

ISBN: 0736001654;
Издательство: Human Kinetics Publishers

When educator Cathie Summerford started teaching sixth-graders in 1993, she wanted to create an interdisciplinary physical education program?one that builds healthy minds as well as bodies and prepares children for a lifetime of wellness and fitness. She broke new ground with a theme-based approach to physical education that children and teachers love. In PE-4-ME: Teaching Lifelong Health and Fitness, you'll find Cathie's blueprint for a unique K-12 program that integrates physical activity with movement concepts, social skills, stress reduction, nutrition, school safety, and drug resistance education. Cathie stresses brain-compatible learning in physical education?the ability of physical activity to enhance cognitive function?in all of her lessons to maximize the benefits of her integrated approach. This valuable resource spells out a yearlong plan that is fun-filled, action-packed, and easy to implement. It's built around weekly themes that help you organize...