Обложка книги Reason to Write Handbook: Elementary School Edition

Reason to Write Handbook: Elementary School Edition

ISBN: 0743230531;
Издательство: Kaplan

Reason to Write: Student Handbook Dear Reader: This book will help you become a better writer. Each chapter has some important information that will help you build your writing skills. We'll talk about the rules of good writing and the different kinds of writing, such as letters, essays, stories, poems, research papers, and journal writing. By the time you have completed all of the worksheets in this book, you will be a confident writer, able to tackle any school writing assignment. Why is writing so important? Writing helps you in every subject in school, including reading, math, science, social studies, and anything that requires thinking. Writing helps you understand what you read. Writing helps you learn. And writing allows you to play an important role in society, even before you can vote! This book is full of ideas to help you build your writing skills, whether you are an experienced writer or just starting to learn about...