Обложка книги The SAT I for Dummies

The SAT I for Dummies

ISBN: 0-7645-5472-7; 9780764554728;
Издательство: Wiley Publishing, Inc
Страниц: 364

Sheer Academic Torture or Sinister Adolescent Trial. No matter what the folks at the College Entrance Examination Board claim, we know what SAT really stands for. And love them (as if) or hate them (the rational response), you’ve got to take them if you want to get into most colleges. Fully revised to reflect the SAT’s new focus, the fifth edition of The SAT I For Dummies is the painless, easy way to master the test and get the best possible score. Suzee Vlk, a test-prep guru with nearly thirty years of coaching experience supplies you with: The most up-to-date sample questions. Two full practice tests. Guidance on to approach each different type of question. Tips on how to avoid test tricks and traps. Relaxation techniques that help you stay calm and focused. Techniques for beating the clock. Comprehensive reviews of the basics in all categories. With Suzee as your guide, you’ll discover...