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Ian I. Mitroff, Harold A. Linstone

The Unbounded Mind: Breaking the Chains of Traditional Business Thinking

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ISBN: 0195102886
Издательство: Oxford University Press
In this groundbreaking work, two pioneering thinkers in business studies, Ian I. Mitroff and Harold A. Linstone, pinpoint the profound changes that must occur in the way business executives think, make decisions, and solve problems, if America is to remain competitive. They put forth a radically new approach--"new thinking"--and show executives exactly how to employ these special critical and creative tools to clear the hurdles businesses now face. Logic and rationality, they explain, are useful but limited. But varying perspectives, multiple realities, and openness to multiple solutions are the secrets of contemporary problem-solving, and lead us to the cutting edge of innovation. Hard-hitting and insightful, The Unbounded Mind is a clarion call forAmerican business. It argues that if we are to produce products and services that can compete in the information age, we must dismantle the very foundations of our thinking, and learn how to appraoch decisionmaking in a truly creative...
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