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Charles O. Brass, Research and Education Association

The Very Best Coaching and Study Course: Act Assessment

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ISBN: 0878912134
Издательство: Research & Education Association
This test preparation book includes five full-length exams with detailed explanations modeled after the actual ACT Assessment American College Testing). Intensive review sections in English, reading, math, and science reasoning are presented. The reviews include studying strategies and practice drills to strengthen and develop problem-solving abilities. For the college-bound high school student. Includes the complete ACT Test Prep book plus interactive software. The book and software complement each other. The software offers two complete exams under actual exam conditions with controlled timing and question order. It automatically scores test performance, provides analysis, and directions for further study. The package includes a CD- ROM for both Windows and Macintosh. Suitable for any PC with 4 MB of RAM minimum, Windows 3.1, 95, or 98. Any Macintosh with a 68020 or higher processor, 4 MB of RAM minimum, System 7.1 or later.
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