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Tony Seton

Don't Mess With the Press: How to Write, Produce and Report Quality Television News

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ISBN: 0595287816
Издательство: iUniverse
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionWhat they are saying about Don't Mess with the Press: "Tony Seton's Don't Mess with the Press is instructive and delightful. Both the beginner who is already on her way and the veteran broadcaster who thinks he has all the answers shouldread it. It is a must for any journalist interested in more than wardrobe, hairspray and salary. The glossary is worth the price of the book." -- Doug White, WJAR Anchor "Superb!" -- Tim O'Brien, ABC/CNN Correspondent "At some point--often in despair or a heavy sweat--every journalist exclaims: Why didn't someone tell me that? Tony Seton's years of experience provide a collection of such moments of enlightenment for aspiring and perspiring broadcasters. -- Charles Bierbauer, ABC/CNN Correspondent "Anyone who wants to know what the increasingly disreputable TV news business could be ought to read this book, because it's written by a guy who helped make it what it once was." -- Greg Dobbs, ABC Producer/Correspondent Don't Mess with...
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