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Effective Consultation in School Psychology

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ISBN: 0889372527
Издательство: Hogrefe & Huber Publishing
Год издания: 2003
Book DescriptionSince the first edition of this book appeared over a decade ago, school psychology research, knowledge and skills have expanded and yet the field continues to face challenges. The book?s model continues to be taught and to impact on professional development in school systems in many countries. The aim of this substantially revised and expanded edition is to strengthen service delivery models by incorporating primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention, for the benefit of students, parents, educators, and present and future school psychologists. Major questions addressed include: ? What can school psychologists do to enhance students? learning and psychosocial adaptation? ? Why is it advisable to adopt a consultative model of service in education? ? How can school psychologists assist educators in planning effective school-based programs and services? ? How can school psychologists support the adaptation of multicultural...
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