Обложка книги Motivating People for Improved Performance (Results Driven Manager)

Motivating People for Improved Performance (Results Driven Manager)

ISBN: 1591397790; 9781591397793;
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press
Страниц: 191

Managers are under increasing pressure to deliver better results faster than the competition. But meeting today’s tough challenges requires complete mastery of a full array of management skills, from communicating and coaching to public speaking and managing people. The Results-Driven Manager series is designed to help time-pressed managers hone and polish the skills they need most. Concise, action-oriented, and packed with invaluable strategies and tools, these timely guides will help managers improve their job performance today—and give them the edge they need to become the leaders of tomorrow. If talent is an organization’s most important asset, maximizing that talent is its most critical challenge. This guide will help managers develop the skills to motivate people to perform at their best. • Make Work Meaningful and Rewarding A? Foster Commitment and Innovation A? Retain Top Performers