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Harvard Business School Press

Retaining Your Best People: The Results Driven Manager

Обложка книги Retaining Your Best People: The Results Driven Manager

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ISBN: 1591399734, 9781591399735
Издательство: Harvard Business School Press
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 208
If great talent is hard to find-it's even harder to keep. This valuable guide offers insights and strategies to make sure your most important people stay motivated, happy, and productive-with your company. Engage your workers Design appropriate incentive systems Create an innovative culture The Results-Driven Manager Series Managers are under increasing pressure to deliver better results faster than the competition. But meeting today's tough challenges requires complete mastery of a full array of management skills, from communicating and coaching to public speaking and managing people. The Results-Driven Manager series is designed to help time-pressed managers hone and polish the skills they need most. Concise, action-oriented, and packed with invaluable strategies and tools, these timely guides will help managers improve their job performance today-and give them the edge they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.