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Executive Compensation: The Professional's Guide to Current Issues & Practices

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ISBN: 1893190250
Издательство: Windsor Professional Information
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionOnly one publication presents the most distinguished group of executive compensation experts in the country to help you anticipate, understand, and address today?s executive compensation challenges As a person who deals with the senior level issues of your company or business unit, you have continued to face a number of significant challenges, one of which has been the area of executive compensation. There is a widespread need for new solutions for innovative, competitive pay packages; for good governance practices; and for anticipating and preparing for the challenges that are on the horizon for those areas - - all while operating within an environment of tight budget and staffing constraints. Available now is the one publication that provides access to the latest thinking and recommendations of the most distinguished group of executive compensation experts. Drawing from nine of the leading compensation advisory firms in...
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