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Steven R. Daugherty

Getting A's: Secrets Expert Learners Use To Get Straight A's

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ISBN: 0974160458
Издательство: Brainx
Год издания: 2004
Book Description"Getting A's: Secrets Expert Learners Use to Get Straight A's" is a book written as a companion to the patented and award-winning BrainX Digital Learning System software. It can be used by people who want to "learn how to learn" more effectively and efficiently using expert-proven study techniques. Topics covered in the book include Expert Note Taking, Expert Speed Reading, Expert Studying, and Expert Test Taking. With "Getting A?s," students can: · Get A?s faster and easier · Take tests with confidence · Master course material in a fraction of the time · Identify what is important from reading material and lectures · Learn how to remember important information Included inside the "Getting A's" book is a copy of the BrainX Digital Learning System software and a Digital Learning Guide for "Getting A's" with key facts and topics from the book that have been converted into quick-to-learn review and quiz...
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