Обложка книги The Alphabet Verses: The Ghetto

The Alphabet Verses: The Ghetto

ISBN: 096583087X;
Издательство: Moore Black Press
Страниц: 208

Book DescriptionThe Alphabet Verses The Ghetto (AVG) is the highly anticipated release from author jessica Care moore. A rich collection of poetry and prose divided into three chapters of resistence, love and survival. In the midst of all the hype with this art form called poetry, jessica Care moore takes time to flex her opinions and obvious growth as a writer inside these pages. The AVG is a great contribution to the future of American poetry. With call to action poems, like, "Joseph," and "Epilogue,"to honest sometimes haunting love poems, like "Purple," and "Leaving Brooklyn," we get to know this poet like never before. "I got my momma's eyes and my daddy's guns."

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