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Ka-Ho Mok

Globalization and Marketization in Education: A Comparative Analysis of Hong Kong and Singapore

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ISBN: 184376380X
Издательство: E. Elgar E. Elgar
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionGlobalization has effected tremendous change to the character and functions of education worldwide. This unique book focuses on its impact upon Hong Kong and Singapore, and how these two East Asian Tigers have responded to the strong global tide of marketization in shaping and developing their education policies. The authors discuss the way in which increasingly prominent tides of marketization, privatization, corporatization and decentralization have influenced the governance and management of education in these two Asian economies. They aim to identify and examine the crucial socio-historical, socio-economic and socio-political factors for education reforms initiated in the two societies in recent years. Ka-Ho Mok and Jason Tan examine the education policy developments of these two cities, to draw wider conclusions as to how nation-states and/or local governments react and respond to the growing impact of globalization. Globalization and Marketization in...
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