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Letitia Baldrige

Letitia Baldrige's New Complete Guide to Executive Manners

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ISBN: 0892563621
Издательство: Scribner Book Company
After sixteen printings in its first edition and two in this updated version, this bestseller remains America's most complete guide to the hidden asset that isn't taught in business schools -- the personal behavior that can make you or break you in today's competitive workplace. Letitia Baldrige takes the reader from the first interview and first day at work through all the complex knowledge we need to maneuver through the ranks and rise to the top. WHAT THIS BOOK REVEALS: * The ten major problems at work that never existed before, but which everyone from trainee to CEO must learn to handle today * The twenty-four hallmarks of those who "work smart" today * Which behaviors accepted a short time ago may spell disaster today * The new codes concerning dress...language...socializing with colleagues...behavior when traveling and at conferences or meetings * What degree of informality is acceptable today -- and with whom * What you must know about the new...