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Dorothea Johnson, Robert Brown, Robert E. Brown

The Power of Handshaking: For Peak Performance Worldwide (Capital Ideas for Business & Personal Development)

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ISBN: 1931868883
Издательство: Capital Books (VA)
A sales consultant and a protocol expert reveal 12 different handshake types that show you how to deal with business or personal contacts?plus protocol for shaking hands worldwide. Never again walk away from a greeting empty-handed! The Power ofHandshaking was written by a sales expert and a protocol authority for business professionals who want to sharpen their intuitive skills when meeting new people ? worldwide. Handshaking is a valuable, and often overlooked, form of non-verbal communication. Learning to consciously send the message you want, and interpret the subconscious messages you receive is invaluable in both business and personal relationships. This handy little guide teaches you to grasp the meaning of those you meet. During his 30 years in business, Robert E. Brown has categorized 12 basic types of handshakes and identified specific states of mind and personal traits related to each. Teaming up with the founder and director of the respected Protocol School...