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Kris Cole

The Supervisor's Guide: A Practical Guide to Successful Supervision

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ISBN: 1740096177
Издательство: Longman
Practical, easy-to-implement ideas and tips for management and team leadership success Practical and concise guide for new and experienced supervisors. A ready reference to provide solutions quickly when a problem arises. Written in a relaxed, conversational tone and a very non-academic style The Supervisor's Survival Guide is a practical and concise guide for new and experienced supervisors. Written in an easy to read conversational style, it will serve as a ready reference for quick solutions when problems arise. It offers tips on how successful supervisors approach their job, increase their value to the organization, communicate and work effectively with others, and manage, lead and motivate staff. Kris Cole also describes how supervisors should use tools and techniques to plan, solve problems and make decisions. With her experience as an industrial psychologist, Kris Cole has helped several leading organizations...