Обложка книги The Ethical Indicator: Packet of 5

The Ethical Indicator: Packet of 5

ISBN: 0874257441;
Издательство: HRD Press, Inc.

Book DescriptionHow do you resolve the ethical and moral dilemmas that arise in your life? Can you identify, articulate and defend the ethical principles that govern and influence your ethical and moral decision-making? What ethical type are you? The Ethical Type Indicator will enable you to discover the answers. This self-scoring personal assessment instrument measures the extent to which you prefer and use six ethical philosophies when confronted with an ethical dilemma. The instruments consists of 42 statements reflective of one of six ethical theories. The tool is easy to complete and self-scoring takes only a few minutes. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers. respond with personal honesty and candor. Also included: .Explanation of how to interpret and use the raw scores .Description of each ethical type .Instructions for using the instrument for further self-exploration and communication with others and a brief presentation of a disciplined process of ethical re!...