Обложка книги Train the Trainer Instructor's Guide

Train the Trainer Instructor's Guide

ISBN: 0874257506;
Издательство: HRD Press, Inc.

Book DescriptionThe proven workshop for teaching non-professional trainers to develop and conduct effective training is back. Train-the-Trainer Workshop, 3rd Edition is thoroughly revised and updated, making it the most complete and valuable book of its kind available today. This powerful workshop will help you bring your managers, team leaders and other non-trainers quickly up-to-speed in the basic skills required to develop and conduct training?confidently, competently and with ease. Loaded with practical tips, helpful precautions, checklists and tools, the revised edition includes: A completely new chapter on an essential skill in developing training?outlining the training content for a learning objective. 30 additional overhead transparency masters Updated case studies Turn your managers into effective trainers?overnight As important as training is these days, many organizations can?t afford the luxury of having experienced trainers...

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