Обложка книги A Beginner's Guide To A Successful Career

A Beginner's Guide To A Successful Career

ISBN: 0595315399;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.

Book DescriptionSection One, How to Start Your First Job with Twenty Years Experience , describes some of the hidden challenges that face everyone during their first venture into the trenches of the global business community. Being aware of these challenges and developing an action plan to address them will help you to identify and solve problems before they become mistakes. In Section Two, Real Basic Street Smarts , the author presents the ABC s of success, including tips on travel, office politics, entertainment, and 23 other topics critical to your development as a top-notch business professional. For those who have just been promoted into management, Section Three, Duplicity in Action: What's Your Management Style , is the perfect introductory primer on a variety of management issues, chief among them, developing your management style. The tips and suggestions presented here will help you to feel comfortable in your...