Обложка книги Leaders Communication Toolkit

Leaders Communication Toolkit

ISBN: 0874257786;
Издательство: HRD Press, Inc

Book DescriptionA practical guide for 21st century business leadersLeader?s E-mail, cell phones, video conferences, voice mail?ever feel like there are too many communication tools and not enough guidance in using them? You need the indispensable Leader?s Communication Toolkit?your key to communicating with confidence, competence and enthusiasm in today?s business environment. It?s packed with up-to-date tips on how leaders, managers, team members and employees can select the appropriate method of communication for their message and audience. Learn how to communicate in ways that clarify expectations, build healthy relationships, minimize conflicts, increase morale, and build bridges between the generations at work?it?s all here in one easy-to-follow resource. Your guide to 21st century communication technology?and better business results. The author explains the basic principles of communication, demonstrates how you...